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Support ISBR through your grocery shopping at no cost to you

With your everyday grocery purchases, you can help ISBR raise much-needed funds. Instead of using cash or credit card at checkout, pay with a gift card purchased from ISBR. Order cards every week as you need for groceries, or to give as gifts!

  •  Cards come in various denominations: $5, $10, $20, $25, $50, $100.

  • Cards NEVER expire and there are NO FEES!


Please note that these card purchases are not considered donations to ISBR and not tax-deductible.

How it works:

20 Families Purchase $100 Each Week = $2,000 Weekly Sales

ISBR Receives 5% Discount of Total Sales = $100/Week


Proceeds received by ISBR:

After 3 Months - $1,200

After 6 Months - $2,400

After 1 Year - $5,200 – Double the sales, and we can raise $10,000 easily

If you have questions, please contact Sr Karen Khan at (201) 274-3545.
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