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Carpooling: We strongly encourage relatives, friends and neighbors to carpool.  No parking is permitted around the masjid (except the 64 designated spots), in any Fire Lane, or on Church Street.

Arrival Instructions: ISBR's masjid is located at 124 Church Street in Basking Ridge. 

  • Turn into the western driveway (entrance with white mailbox).

  • Following white arrows on pavement, drive around western side of the masjid to the parking lot in the rear.

  • Park only in one of the 64 designated spots.

  • Enter either of the double doors at the southwestern corner of the masjid.


Shoes: Please observe the following procedures to keep the musalla clean.

  • Wipe your shoes on the door mats to remove any debris or moisture.

  • Only wear shoes on the tiled parts of the floor.

  • Store your shoes in the shoe racks near the rear entrance.

Departure Instructions:

  • When leaving at nighttime, please keep noise to a minimum; speak softly to maintain the quietness of the surrounding neighborhood.

  • Please refrain from using high beam lights unless necessary.

  • To exit the parking lot, follow all directional arrows on the pavement.

  • Go all the way around the traffic loop in the rear parking lot and then exit from the eastern driveway.

Illness: If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or any other transmissible illness, or if you are in quarantine or isolation, please stay home.
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