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ISBR Ramadan

Mask Drive

ISBR seeks to address the need for cloth masks in a number of local nursing homes while we also help an Afghani refugee earn much needed income.

You may read more about the need for cloth masks in local nursing homes and our efforts to meet these needs below.  

Please help us fund an Afghani refugee's work to make up to 200 cloth masks for three nursing homes in Basking Ridge, Mendham and Berkeley Heights.  You may donate using any of the options below.


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The Need for Cloth Masks in Nursing Homes: The COVID-19 pandemic has hit New Jersey nursing homes incredibly hard, accounting for a disproportionate number of the fatalities in the State. The shortage of masks for staff members and residents of nursing homes has exacerbated the threat facing the most vulnerable members of our society.


We have contacted three local nursing homes, one in Basking Ridge and the others in Mendham & Berkeley Heights, and found that they could greatly benefit from having a cloth mask for each resident and each member of their staff. They intend to wear these cloth masks over their N95 or medical disposable masks in order to extend the useful life of their disposable masks.  Since cloth masks can be washed and reused they have real value to them over the long term. 


ISBR Members' Efforts to Make Cloth Masks: Members of the ISBR community are making about half of the number of cloth masks requested by the three nursing homes. Each of these members is a great role model for Doing Good Deeds during the Blessed Month of Ramadan.


Supporting An Afghani Refugee to Make Additional Masks: We have found a way to expedite making additional cloth masks while at the same time helping an Afghani refugee in need. Through Women for Afghan Women in New York, we became aware of an Afghani woman and her husband who immigrated to the United States on a Special Immigrant Visa (for translators and interpreters who have worked for the US in Afghanistan). This woman recently lost her job sewing masks at a factory. She is able to make 200 masks in just one week! ISBR would like to give her an opportunity to earn much needed income while we try to meet the need of local nursing homes for cloth masks.

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