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The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge is dedicated to providing Islamic religious, educational, cultural and social services to Muslims living or working in Somerset Hills and the surrounding areas; providing these services in an open, diverse, inclusive and moderate environment, consistent with the Qur’an and Sunnah; and promoting interfaith and intrafaith dialogue in order to improve relations between Muslims and people of other faiths.



Assalaamu Alaikum,
Thank you all who came for making the ISBR EID PICNIC a great success. Azra for Hena Art, Usarin for Face Painting, Azra for the water balloon Contest & Tug of war between boys and girls. 
Special thanks to State Senator Kip Bateman and the Branchburg Rotary team -Dr. Tulsi Maharjan, Past District Governor Dist 7510, Mr. Michael Forestall,President of Branchburg Rotary Club, Doug Merrit, Member of Branchburg Rotary Club and owner of Vandermark Merritt Glass Studios, for speaking at the info session on volunteering.

Men enjoyed a game of cricket and all had a great time together.  Also many thanks to all the volunteers and families that brought food to share. We also appreciate our the contributions of delicious food by Halal Tarka Catering and Edible Arrangements.


ISBR joins a large multi-faith coalition in condemning recent ISIS inspired violence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Gwermany amnd France

ISBR condemns all acts of terrorism and all violence.

Press Release by 82 NJ Muslim Organizations on Orlando Mass Shooting


ISBR condemns in the strongest possible terms the suicide bombing in Lahore, Pakistan on Easter Sunday, March 27 that killed dozens and injured hundreds.  We offer condolences to the families of all victims and urge the Government of Pakistan to bring the people behind this attack to justice.


ISBR condemns strongly the terrorist attacks in Belgium as well as those in Turkey and Mali.  We send heart felt condolences to families of the victims and we stand with the people of each country. There is no justification in Islam for such violence against innocents men, women and children. Islam explicitly prohibits suicide and taking life that God has made sacred.


For 2016, ISBR held it first Feeding the Homeless Veterans program at the Lyons VA in Bernards Township on February 27, 2016. 


Completed--Free Course - Visist this page for future such programs.

Understanding Islam -Essence & Practice

ISBR wishes to thank the person or persons who tied this beautiful balloon to our mailbox.  We also appreciate your message, "Praying for your faith community."
Salaam, Shalom, Peace.

ISBR truly appreciates this act of kindness and wishes to thank the person or persons who tied this beautiful supportive balloon to our mailbox at 124 Church Street following the PB vote on December 8, 2015 to deny ISBR's application to build a mosque here.

Salaam, Shalom, Peace! 


ISBR Condemns San Bernardino Terrorist Attack

The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge strongly condemns the terrorist attack on innocent people in San Bernardino. We stand with the people of San Bernardino and offer heartfelt condolences to families of those who were killed and prayers for speedy and full recovery of those who were injured. There is no justification for such violent extremism in Islamic teachings. Like Muslims around the United States, New Jersey Muslim leaders are working with law enforcement agencies to ensure safety of everyone. .


Basking Ridge Muslim leader seeks to dispel stereotypes

Basking Ridge Muslim leader seeks to dispel stereotypes


N.J. Muslim leaders strongly condemn terrorist attacks in Paris 

Here are links to some of the many news stories about this successful press conference held at Rutgers University on Nov 17th under ISBR leadership where Imams and directors of 28 mosques and Muslim organizations from around the State came together for the first time.

FIOS News Coverage of NJ Muslims Condemning Paris Attacks

ABC7 News Coverage of NJ Muslims Condemn Paris Attacks

 Fox 5 video at Press Conf and ISCJ



The Islamic Society of Basking Ridge (ISBR) condemns unequivocally and in the strongest possible terms the barbaric terrorist attacks on innocent civilians in Paris and in Beirut. 

Islam is against terrorism and does not condone or provide any justification, whatsoever, for such despicable acts. We stand in solidarity with the people of France and Lebanon and express our deepest sympathy with families of those who were killed and pray for the recovery of those injured in these horrific attacks.

The perpetrators and planners of these crimes against humanity should be brought to justice.



Every Friday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. 

For most of the year, Jumma is at the Bernards Twp Community Center, 289 S. Maple Ave, Basking Ridge, NJ 07920,


From June 24th to August 5th, Jumma Prayers will be held at the Harry Dunham Park. 

Starting Aug 12th, we will be back at the Bernards Twp Community Center.

See details on the Jumma page.


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